Merit Legal Solicitors

Professional Negligence

We rely upon professionals for the high degree of skill or knowledge they possess in their field. As you may not have the required ability to achieve a particular task, you hand over your complete trust and expect a job done competently and well. Problems arise when you suffer a loss or harm and you are unsure whether it is a result of the professional’s performance. In some instances, their carelessness is obvious, however, often it can be difficult to ascertain what exactly went wrong and whether it was within the professional’s remit.

Industries such as: accountancy/finance, legal, healthcare, building/design, insurance and computing all hold unique standards of practice which can be quite arduous to uncover. Our job at Merit Legal is to manage and employ multiple modes of investigation such as: a meticulous examination of their standards; consulting independent experts and; considering legal precedent. A strong analysis at this stage will go very far in establishing a solid link between the professional’s in/action and the loss you suffered.