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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the legal right you possess over a unique creation. It covers everything from your inventions to the content of your website. However, it is a continually evolving area of law. As well as staying abreast of prevailing English law, intellectual property requires an understanding of globalisation, in order to maximise the commercial benefits that you are entitled to reap. As an authorised and regulated firm of solicitors in England, we are bound by high standards. By contrast, in numerous countries, much of the intellectual property advice is not provided by accredited legal professionals and they are therefore not even compelled to observe the bare minimum of client confidentiality.

From registering a patent to pursuing infringements of your trademarks, our service covers all matters contentious and non-contentious. Our intellectual property service is not restricted by jurisdiction nor by access. In cooperation with our U.S. associates The Boora Law Group, we secure internationally recognised intellectual property using a wide range of legal mechanisms from national and foreign law to international treaties.