Merit Legal Solicitors

About Us

Merit Legal is a firm of solicitors specialising in insolvency law. With over 30 years’ experience in the insolvency sector, director Qasim has gathered a wealth of knowledge and cultivated many long-term relationships with practitioners. From basic winding up and bankruptcy petitions, to reference / undervalue claims and block transfers, his aim is to consistently achieve maximum recovery as economical as possible.

We offer creative means of recovery for complicated issues. By actively listening to our clients’ needs and circumstances we are able to solve problems efficiently and promptly. We help our clients understand the most complex of issues until they are satisfied. Regular updates and prompt communication is the minimum level of service you can expect.

We take client care and recovery seriously. With a success rate of over 90% at trial and favourable outcomes before trial; hundreds of clients have walked away satisfied and confident that their trust was placed in the right people.

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