Merit Legal Solicitors

Commercial Dispute Resolution

Part and parcel of operating a business is that you will run into disputes. Perhaps a customer has not fully paid for the service you provided. Maybe the goods you purchased arrived unacceptably late or they’re not fit for purpose. The range of issues are wide, however, what you can be certain of is: commercial disputes are time-consuming, stressful and potentially costly.

Your priority is to obtain a satisfactory solution without hampering the growth and daily operation of your business. Although we are not hesitant to take your matter to trial, we recommend that our clients reach an out of court settlement if appropriate. As well as the preparatory costs, court fees, protracted process and stress, you lose a great deal of control over the final decision, by going to court. Many of the issues you may feel are relevant will not be admissible in a courtroom. As soon as you proceed with the Final Hearing, you submit all authority to a judge to make an irrevocable decision. Ultimately, you may end up with a judgement neither party approves of, a complete breakdown in relationship and/or a reputation beyond repair.

By making use of services like mediation we can encourage a constructive and fair discussion directly between you and the party in dispute – the aim of which is to reach a mutually acceptable resolution. Even if an agreement isn’t reached, mediation remains confidential meaning any concessions made during the process cannot be disclosed in further court proceedings.

We understand the importance of letting you concentrate on business while we shield you from any tension. Whether you would prefer to negotiate than go to trial or vice versa; armed with over 30 years of experience in commercial disputes, we provide effective and commercially aware solutions.