Merit Legal Solicitors

Debt Recovery

Many of our businesses are built on debt, whether it’s the money you’ve borrowed, the money you’ve lent or both. Somewhere in between, you can take home a profit and it works. However, the raw reality of this system is that it’s built like a house of cards – all it requires is one party to default on their obligations and the entire house crumbles.

It could be that your debtor claims to have no assets. It may be that you’re not considered to be a priority creditor. Perhaps you have a reputation of being lenient with your debt recovery efforts. Whatever the case, Merit Legal is focused on providing a shrewd and proactive service. We understand the time constraints. We understand the increasingly complex ways assets can be made to disappear. Most importantly, we know how cash flow is a critical part of your business. By employing a range of methods from court action to demand letters, we provide solutions tailored for you and the severity of your situation.